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Join the movement with the Shhh t-shirt from Breaking T

Celebrate the most intriguing moment in Longhorns recruiting — landing a silent commitment.

In the world of Texas Longhorns recruiting, the intrigue of landing a silent commitment is singularly exciting. When Director of Recruiting Bryan Carrington tweets out the shh emoji, Longhorns recruitniks know that another recruit has joined the current class.

While it’s a relatively new tradition, every one of those tweets sends Texas fans into speculation mode, wondering about the identity of the newest pledge and when it will become public.

As Carrington like to say, it’s a movement.

Fans can now celebrate the excitement of those moments and join the movement with a new Shhh t-shirt from Breaking T. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from every sale will benefit the Shepard-Acres Homes Neighborhood Library, which is named after Beulah Shepard, Carrington’s grandmother, who was known as the unofficial mayor of Acres Homes.

Libraries provide critical resources to underserved communities, including free internet access and educational opportunities. Shepard-Acres Homes Neighborhood Library itself hosts a summer food program, computer classes, and storytimes for toddlers.