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Tom Herman names a starting kicker and other post-practice notes

Dicker the Kicker.

Tom Herman after a practice in August
Wescott Eberts

Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman met with the media following the team’s final practice before opening the season against the Maryland Terrapins on Saturday at FedEx Field.

Several developments are worth passing along.

  • The Longhorns now have a starting kicker, as freshman Cameron Dicker beat out senior Josh Rowland:

As defensive coordinator Todd Orlando indicated on Wednesday, the coaching staff still isn’t sure whether junior linebacker Jeffrey McCulloch will be available on Saturday due to the pectoral strain that he suffered in preseason camp:

Whether or not McCulloch is available will impact how Orlando decides to play against Maryland — with senior Anthony Wheeler out for the first half due to a targeting call against Missouri in the Texas Bowl, junior Malcolm Roach may have to start at Mac. If that happens and McCulloch isn’t available, freshman Joseph Ossai would be the starting B-backer. The more likely scenario in that instance is using the Lightning package until the second half.

  • Herman intends to play all of the freshmen:

At positions like wide receiver and defensive back, that makes sense, but finding any repetitions for the fourth-string quarterback, Casey Thompson, and the offensive linemen may be difficult. So don’t expect that to come to fruition, but it’s certainly good motivation for all those players — they know that they can get on the field if they work hard enough and not lose a season of eligibility.

  • Redshirt freshman tight end Rob Cummins will miss some time after his knee injury required surgery:

With Malcolm Epps working at X receiver, Texas is down to three scholarship players at the position, so there’s not a lot of room for injuries at that position.

  • Herman was also questioned about the recent confirmation that he was the assistant coach with fired Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith at a Miami strip club in 2014. Here was his response:

So, at the least, Miss Michelle knew about, which can reduce one element of pearl-clutching associated with this story.

This comment was probably more important in the scheme of things:

So, yeah. The ability to deny that would be ideal.

This story will be updated as needed.