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The SMO: There are no refunds for this snake oil

NCAA Football: Texas at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Obligatory reminder: The SMO does not deal in logic or reason. It is an emotional overreaction to the game that preceded it.

I will keep this brief — as Texas football has wasted enough time in my life that I don’t feel the need to spend much more of my Labor Day weekend dwelling.

Texas football is the closest you will ever come to time travel.

There is no difference between this team now and this team one year ago, two years ago or three years ago. It’s all the same — the only tangible evidence of difference is the social media graphic designs have improved slightly.

Texas football is snake oil and Tom Herman is its top salesman. Every year you will be sold a new barrel — and like the foolish, hopeful consumer you are — you will purchase without thinking.

Kris Boyd is one of the best corners in the nation.

“Yes, I’ll have one of those.”

This offensive line is playing better than it has in years.

“I’ll take that, too.”

Sam Ehlinger has matured from his youthful mistakes of 2017.

“Do I get a discount if I buy in bulk?”

Texas might improve over the course of the year. It might beat USC and it might put up a fight against Oklahoma before falling short late — possibly on a game-ending turnover.

At the end of the day, Texas could even win eight games.

You will be told this is a success — a Liberty Bowl victory against Kentucky is the crowning achievement on a year marked with so much adversity that resulted in more wins than the previous year (8 > 7). Herman and staff will hammer this home relentlessly.

Be not a fool. Nothing has changed.

The opponents — Maryland, BYU, California — they are all different.

Texas? Texas is the exact same.