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Texas OL Patrick Hudson released from hospital

There’s not yet a timetable for his return to practice.

San Jose State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Texas Longhorns football program received some good news on Wednesday when the school announced that sophomore offensive lineman Patrick Hudson was released from the hospital after a week-long stay and will return to classes on Thursday.

However, there’s not currently a timetable for his return to practice.

The 6’5, 330-pounder was taken to the Intensive Care Unit last Wednesday after suffering what head trainer Anthony Pass called “exertional heat cramps” due to rising body temperature in humid, 95-degree weather. Hudson eventually left the ICU when his body temperature returned to normal, but remained in the hospital until his Wednesday release.

On Saturday, athletics director Chris Del Conte said that the school and medical staff were reviewing what happened, but early returns didn’t produce any troubling results.

“We’re going through the whole protocol, how it happened, where it happened, how it went. Yes, we’re reviewing all that and having our doctors also look at the whole thing,” Del Conte said.