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WATCH: Kirk Herbstreit says Texas is at the same level as Pitt

And that’s fair.

ESPN College GameDay Built by The Home Depot - Times Square Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Trashing the Texas Longhorns has become a part-time hobby of College Gameday analyst Kirk Herbstreit, who once again went over the Horns on Saturday, comparing head coach Tom Herman’s program to the Pitt Panthers.

“They are struggling to be able to beat teams in the Big 12,” Herbstreit said. “You’re talking about being at the same level as Pitt. Texas football, with Pitt.”

The scorn is heavy from Herbstreit, who called Austin a “cesspool” less than two years ago. And that’s fair. As the graphic notes, Texas has gone 24-28 since Mack Brown resigned in 2013, with the only bowl win coming last season over Missouri in the Texas Bowl. During that same stretch, Pitt has gone 28-25. So the Panthers have actually been better than the Longhorns in the last five years.

The only real quibble is that Pitt was blown out by Penn State last week, 51-6, the type of loss that was common late in the Mack Brown era and under Charlie Strong, but hasn’t happened yet under Herman.

That’s small consolation, however, for one of college football’s (former) blue blood programs after being compared to Pitt without much in the way of evidence to refute that argument.