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WATCH: Kansas State uses entire field for warmups, nearly starting a fight with Texas TE Andrew Beck

Not allowing the opponent any room to warm up is extremely unusual.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Texas Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

When the Texas Longhorns attempted to take the field at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan on Saturday before the game against the Kansas State Wildcats, the team was faced with a problem — the home team was using the entire field to warm up.

Predictably, the situation soon escalated, as Kansas State continued to keep Texas players from having any space to go through their normal pre-game activities.

Video quickly surfaced with showed some mild shoving between Texas senior tight end Andrew Beck and several Kansas State players who refused to retreat to the other side of the field, as is common during warmups — one team gets one side of the field and the other team gets other.

A Wildcats player touched Beck, who threw a football at his opponent. A Texas staffer separated the two while the Kansas State player yelled at Beck.

Towards the end of the video, it appeared that other Longhorns staffers intervened to deescalate the situation by getting the Wildcats players to retreat to the other side of the field.

Note the contrast to this behavior by Kansas State players before the game in violation of college football norms compared to the outrage from certain quarters last week when Texas put the TCU band in the upper deck in order to give students priority seating.