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Tom Herman updates the status of OC Tim Beck after the Kansas State game

The hospitalized offensive coordinator needed surgery this week for his infection.

Tim Beck
Wescott Eberts

When the Texas Longhorns won in Manhattan on Saturday against the Kansas State Wildcats for the first time since 2002, the Horns did so without offensive coordinator Tim Beck, who remained hospitalized in Austin due to an infection.

After the game, head coach Tom Herman provided an update on Beck, who is expected to rejoin the team on Sunday, by saying that his offensive coordinator is doing “really good.”

Herman called the situation a good reminder for his assistants to address any medical concerns, as Beck tried to “tough out” an issue with his elbow that continued to get worse until it finally became infected. On Wednesday, Beck developed a fever as a result of the infection and was taken to the hospital following practice, which caused him to miss his weekly media availability and Saturday’s game.

Because the infection spread to the elbow bursa, the slippery, sac-like tissue that allows the smooth movement of that joint, Beck needed subsequent surgery to clean out the infected area, as well as antibiotics to keep the infection from spreading.

However, the prognosis is positive.

“We’re happy that he did get it looked at and we’re wishing he and Tamra thoughts and prayers, but expect to have him back in the next day or two,” Herman said.