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WATCH: Bevo goes after UGA during attempted pre-Sugar Bowl photo opportunity

Apparently the iconic steer doesn’t care for bulldogs.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t mess with Texas.

On Tuesday, the phrase became literal when Texas Longhorns mascot Bevo, the nearly four-year-old steer formerly known as Sunrise Spur, caused a commotion on the field of the Allstate Sugar Bowl when he charged at Georgia Bulldogs mascot UGA during an attempted photo opportunity:

There are always concerns about controlling a steer the size of Bevo XV and he certainly proved a little bit frisky during a pregame introduction this season, but the mascot largely seemed low key in game environments until his Tuesday outburst.

Fortunately, no one appeared to get hurt during the short-lived fracas, including UGA.