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Texas re-enters the SB Nation FanPulse Top 25 in BON voting

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In the national poll, the Longhorns remain on the outside looking in.

A win over the Kansas State Wildcats returned the Texas Longhorns to the SB Nation FanPulse Top 25 for Week 11 in voting by Burnt Orange Nation readers, but the Longhorns were not voted back into the national poll.

And that means that Texas is ranked behind Louisiana Tech, which it beat 45-14 in the season opener. Since then, the Bulldogs haven’t lost and currently sit in first place in Conference USA’s West division.

In the Big 12, Kansas State dropped out of the poll, while Baylor is now up to No. 6 nationally, ahead of No. 8 Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, fan confidence has rebounded to 66.7 percent after reaching a low of 11.9 percent following the loss to TCU.

Saturday’s win over Purdue has Texas basketball fans feeling more confident about the program’s direction, too — it’s now at 72.1 percent, a major increase from 31.4 percent before the season started last Tuesday.

As for the Heisman race, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is the runaway leader after the Tigers took down the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa on Saturday.