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Texas regents set to approve raise, extension for AD Chris Del Conte

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The Longhorns are set to lock up the popular athletics director through 2027.

Texas athletics

After less than two years on the job in Austin, athletics director Chris Del Conte looks like he’ll be sticking around the Forty Acres for some time — the University of Texas Board of Regents are set to approve a raise and extension for Del Conte.

Hired in December of 2017 from TCU, Del Conte has become popular with the Longhorns fanbase for his accessibility on Twitter and his rapid improvement of the gameday atmosphere surrounding the football program with the creation of Bevo Blvd. and Longhorn City Limits, as well as Smokey’s Midway this year to bridge the two.

Here’s his old contract structure first and his new contract structure second:

So Texas is making a big investment to keep Del Conte in Austin — he’s been an excellent fundraiser so far, which has helped pay for important projects like the baseball player development facility and the football stadium’s south end zone renovation.

Ultimately, Del Conte’s legacy will be defined by the coaching decisions that he makes, but so far he hasn’t been faced with those choices in the major men’s sports.