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Iowa State tops Texas on a last-second field goal: Post-game commiseration thread

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Iowa State’s Matt Campbell picked up his first career win over the Longhorns.

Texas v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

As the Iowa State Cyclones’ field goal split the uprights, time expired and so did the Texas Longhorns’ shot at a return trip to the Big 12 Championship game with a 23-21 loss.

Texas struggled in the first half, but in spite of that managed to head into the locker room down just one score at half. The defense gave up a score on the opening drive of the second half to fall behind 20-7, but managed to battle back and take a 21-20 lead.

However, Texas was unable to run out the clock and late-game penalties gave Iowa State ideal field position on the final drive.

This is your post-game commiseration thread.