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The pig is wearing lipstick

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Texas v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

The Texas Longhorns are flirting with failure.

After all the off-season hype, all the media build-up, all the self-imposed expectations — Texas is on the path to 7-5.

Through 10 games this season, the Longhorns are 6-4 with a road contest against Top-20 Baylor in five days.

That makes 10 straight seasons that Texas has lost at least four games — dating back to the Colt McCoy era.

While the reactionary Texas fans wrote 2019 off some time in mid-October, most reasonable fans understood this season was going to feature some growing pains.

Reasonable fans had reasonable expectations.

10-2? Some truly out-of-touch crazies would have been upset, but that would have been a fantastic season.

9-3? Not the best, but totally fine considering the amount of adversity thrown at this team since the spring.

8-4? A disappointment. Regressing with the best Texas quarterback since Colt McCoy isn’t a good sign.

7-5; 6-6? Uh.

Reasonable fans can agree that Texas is on the brink of a complete failure.

We could spend time talking about Iowa State. Maybe touch on how Texas coach Tom Herman and the offense conceded the game with four minutes to play by running it twice and throwing a screen.

“To use the clock was the prudent thing to do,” He explained at Monday’s press conference. “Three straight incomplete passes would have been a disaster at that point.”

But to talk about the individual games is boring now. Sure, the Longhorns didn’t win this week, but it’s escaped in similar fashion many times under Herman. 16 of his 37 games at Texas have been decided by a touchdown or less.

Texas has stopped losing in embarrassing fashion, but hasn’t stopped losing.

UT football is a lemon. It’s Sisyphus — and the top of the hill is 10 wins and national respect. A full decade of nothing but Texas Bowls, Alamo Bowls and the occasional No Bowl with a little Sugar sprinkled on top — what other blue-bloods can claim that?

On paper, the program continues to trend up — investing in facilities, game day experience, recruiting, social media, etc.

The last two recruiting classes have proven that the investment is paying dividends.

But on the field, Texas is still 2010s Texas — herping and derping its way into embarrassing losses that leave the Longhorns as a laughingstock in college football.

For now, the doubters appear to be right. The pig is wearing lipstick.