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Tom Herman reacts to Devin Duvernay’s snub by the Biletnikoff Award

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The Longhorns head coach called the decision by the Biletnikoff committee “shocking.”

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On Monday, the Biletnikoff Award released the list of its 12 semifinalists and Texas Longhorns senior wide receiver Devin Duvernay didn’t make the list despite ranking second nationally in receptions and receptions per game and eighth in receiving yards after passing the 1,000-yard mark on Saturday against the Iowa State Cyclones.

Notified about the snub on the Big 12 Conference call, Texas head coach Tom Herman called it a “shocking” decision by the Biletnikoff committee.

“I don’t know how you leave off — the guy is leading Power Five in catches, leading the country in broken tackles, he is leading the country in third-down receptions, and you’re telling me he’s not one of the best wideouts in the country? That’s a shame,” Herman said.

Duvernay has 87 catches overall and 21 conversions on 24 third-down catches.

“I don’t know what the criteria is, then,” Herman said. “I’m going to have to call whoever the committee that deals with the Biletnikoff and say, ‘What does a guy need to do to get on that list, at least a semi-finalist?’”

In fact, the Tallahassee Quarterback Club Foundation does post the criteria on its website. The only one that Duvernay doesn’t arguably meet as a production team captain who hasn’t missed any time due to injury this season is the 6-4 Texas record.

If that was the case, it’s Herman’s fault that Duvernay didn’t make the list.