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How Texas can add a few wrinkles to spruce up the run game

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Tom Herman and company have been unhappy with production on the ground. Here’s a few ways to turn things around.

NCAA Football: Texas at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

In an earlier post we explored some of the issues causing the recent offensive struggles for the Texas Longhorns. Just to clarify, Tom Herman isn’t going anywhere prior to 2020, and to be fair, he has earned the opportunity to be the head coach at Texas for at least another year, given a 10-win season a year ago. In fact, the Longhorns can still win nine games this year if they beat Baylor, Texas Tech, and win their bowl game.

To do so, the Longhorns will need to revive their offense, and find a way to stick with the run game. Here are a few things Herman has done in the past that he could revisit to get the run game going.