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Sam Ehlinger clarifies his post-game remarks

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Make no mistake — the Texas quarterback knows that 7-5 is not the standard.

NCAA Football: Texas at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Not for the first time and likely not for the last time, Texas Longhorns junior quarterback Sam Ehlinger sparked something of a social media controversy on Friday after beating the Texas Tech Red Raiders when one of his post-game comments was taken out of context.

Ehlinger was first asked about what statement the Longhorns made in the victory over the Red Raiders, then asked a big-picture question about the state of the program.

After admitting that he hadn’t thought much about the statement Texas made on Friday — he said he was focused on winning for the seniors — Ehlinger paused when asked the follow-up question.

“Um.... Shoot,” he said, taking time to gather his thoughts before responding.

Initially, his statement was conveyed without his initial qualifier.

That qualifier, however, was important.

“Obviously, we would have liked things to be different this year in a couple ball games, but I have full faith that we are headed in the right direction,” Ehlinger said. “Since 2011, this is the first time that we’ve had three winning seasons and that’s a step.”

CBS Austin Sports Director Bob Ballou posted the extended video of the exchange, but by that point, the damage was already done as Vertuno’s tweet circulated around Longhorns Twitter.

As a result, Ehlinger felt compelled to post a clarification on his Instagram story, noting that the 2019 season for the Longhorns didn’t meet program standards.

So just in case there are still lingering questions — Ehlinger might want to take back his infamous remark after the Sugar Bowl, but he gets it, and his comments after the game were not evidence to the contrary when taken in context.