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Texas seeking approval for new basketball practice facility

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The Board of Regents meet on Wednesday to discuss a replacement for Cooley Pavilion.

A rendering for the new Texas basketball arena

According to an agenda posted for the University of Texas Board of Regents, Wednesday’s special meeting will feature a discussion on the next steps forward to build a new Texas Longhorns basketball facility to replace Cooley Pavilion, which will eventually be demolished along with the Erwin Center.

Since the university announced plans last year for Oak View Group to build and operate a new arena at no cost to the school in a unique public-private partnership, there have been questions about where the new basketball facility will be and who will build it.

Now there is some emerging clarity — the agenda says that it will be a 64,000-foot facility adjacent to the new arena and bounded by bounded by East Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the IH-35 Frontage Road, Clyde Littlefield Drive, and the proposed realigned Robert Dedman Drive.

One possibility is to locate it south of the new arena, which is planned for construction south of Mike A. Meyers Stadium.