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Tom Herman apologizes for Early Signing Day double bird aired on Longhorn Network

The head coach claimed he didn’t know the camera was live and was making a joke about his first experience at the Cotton Bowl.

Texas v West Virginia Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Texas Longhorns coaching staff, it seems, are enjoying early signing day.

As the staff sat huddled together in one of the program’s offices, presumably strategizing or talking up a successful Early Signing Day so far, the Longhorn Network’s camera cut to a shot of the staff. The only problem — It doesn’t seem as though the coaching staff were aware they were on live TV, because head coach Tom Herman promptly flipped the double-bird to the camera.

See for yourself:

All in good fun or another sign of Herman’s lack of maturity?

Update [4:54 p.m. Central]: When Herman opened his Early Signing Day press conference, he started it with an explanation of what happened.

“Obviously before we start, I do want to apologize for something that ended up on live television this morning,” Herman said. “We were joking, quite frankly, about my first experience riding into the Cotton Bowl Stadium on the bus and the warm welcome you receive in the Red River game. I think I told you guys as well. When it occurred, I honestly had no idea — I wasn’t aware that the camera in the room was on live television. It certainly had nothing to do with Longhorn Network, Signing Day or anything. Again, regardless, it was poor judgement on my part and I do apologize for that.”

Herman was referencing a story that he told this fall.

“I think I’ve told the story, looking out the window and literally seeing this elderly lady that had to have been 80 years old, going double bird (indicating) to the Texas bus,” Herman said in October. “Then literally next to her was a couldn’t have more been than eight-year-old boy going double bird (indicating) to the Texas bus. It speaks to the intensity of the rivalry, that it crosses a lot of different generations.”