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Longhorns football has not improved under Tom Herman

While the Longhorns have improved in some areas, they maintain the exact same S&P + ranking in 2019 as they had prior to Herman’s hire, analytics suggest.

NCAA Football: Texas at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

A look at the advanced analytics reveals that the Texas Longhorns have not improved under third-year head coach Tom Herman, who’s recently earned himself a place on the hot seat.

Through the 2019 season, the Longhorns have an S&P+ ranking of 10.6, which mirrors their ranking in 2016, former head coach Charlie Strong’s last year at the helm. Even during the 10-win season in 2018, in which Texas earned a Big 12 title berth against the Oklahoma Sooners and a Sugar Bowl win over the Georgia Bulldogs, the Longhorns S&P+ was only 11.3.

Were the Longhorns more lucky than good in 2018?

According to the advanced analytics, that may have been the case.