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The Longhorn Republic looks back at Rick Barnes

After discussing an inconsistent week from the current team, we look at the best players from the previous era of Texas basketball.

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Texas v Michigan Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

In yet another up-and-down week, the Texas Longhorns put together one of their best games of the season and knocked off the No. 11 Kansas Jayhawks. In what seems to be indicative of a trend this season, they followed up with a disappointing loss to the Iowa State Cyclones. With nine games left in the regular season, what does Texas need to do in order to make the NCAA Tournament? (3:47)

In a highly-requested feature, Kyle and Gerald then take a look at the Rick Barnes era of Texas basketball. In a five-round draft, they pick their top players from a period where Texas won 69.1 percent of its games and saw three Big 12 Championships come home to Austin, TX. From stars like Kevin Durant and LaMarcus Aldridge to role players, we celebrate some of the best players in recent Texas history(19:23).

In this week’s Bang the Drum, Kyle takes a look at the newest Texas uniforms, while Gerald gets excited to see Vince Young back on the field. (54:07)

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Intro and Outro: Earth, Wind, Fire (Ryan Little / CC BY-SA 4.0)