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WATCH: Texas QB Sam Ehlinger mic’d up at practice

In which Ehlinger drops a dime to Bru McCoy in practice.

Texas v Maryland Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Texas Longhorns signal caller and team leader Sam Ehlinger was wired up for a Longhorn Network feature on spring practice. After saying hello to his former teammate and All-Pro punter Michael Dickson, Ehlinger casually went through his routine quarterback duties with former Longhorn legend Colt McCoy watching alongside. He went through some drills working on pocket presence, reads, and on-the-run throws with offensive coordinator Tim Beck.

Just over a decade ago, the Austin native was watching McCoy break records for his hometown Longhorns. Now in year three, Ehlinger is striving to do the same while maximizing the success of his team. When asked by head coach Tom Herman if he was a big fan of McCoy growing up, Ehlinger responded, “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It’s just different. Now, being here and being friends with him, it’s not like a stardom anymore. He’s a super cool dude.”

Fittingly so, the feature concluded with a preview of something we’ll hopefully see multiple times over the next two seasons — Ehlinger connecting on a deep ball to freshman wide receiver Bru McCoy.

“Good job, Bru!”