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Former Pro Bowl WR Chad Johnson tours Austin, tips really well

The former NFL great was in Austin this afternoon, which proved tremendously fruitful for a few servers.

Reebok Classic x Amber Rose Launch Event At Shoe Palace Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Reebok

Former NFL great Chad Johnson made himself very clear on Twitter dot com.

Ocho Cinco came all the way to Austin, Texas, baby *Vince Young voice* for one day of business.

If you follow the former Pro Bowl wide receiver on social media, you are likely well aware of his personable and engaging personality.

If you’re “Jennifer A” or Ryan R” — two Austin-area servers who were lucky enough to have Johnson seated in their sections - you now know that his kindness and giving spirit is not just a front.

Johnson has posted a few photos on social media of his bill and it has been a wonderful mixture of good emotions, both hilarious and heartwarming.

On Thursday, Johnson announced on Twitter for one day of “business obligations” and would then be playing random people in EA Sports’ popular video game FIFA. But first, he was elated to finally spot his first McDonald’s in Austin. If you’re familiar with Johnson’s time on the popular HBO series “Hardknocks,” Ocho’s appetite didn’t come with restrictions. McDonald’s was a favorite.

Once he got settled in, Johnson called a national emergency on Twitter, asking for a ride from his hotel so he could go eat and give servers a nice tip.

The former Cincinnati Bengal posted his first post-meal photo from a restaurant that you can’t identify from the picture. The amount of the bill was $91.36 and Johnson ignored the suggested gratuity, which topped out at 20 percent for a whopping $17.08.

Instead, Johnson tipped $276.

But there was no time for warm and fuzzy emotions for the kind gesture and the note at the bottom that read “I love you.” The note above the tip line was easily the best part — Johnson wrote “I only had 276 yards with the Patriots which was really horrible.”

Laugh out loud, Chad. Shout out to “Jennifer A” who took home nice little $276 bonus.

But Johnson wasn’t done just yet.

On Friday afternoon, Ocho Cinco found himself at Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken on San Jacinto. Big ups to “Ryan R” who likely left after his shift and went to the University Co-Op to blow some money on a brand new Texas Yeti traveler (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST).

Ryan R took home a grand prize of $540 on a $38 bill.

This time around, the message read, “I only had 540 yards in 2008 because I pissed Mike Brown off.”

Amazing. Chad Johnson. What a dude.

Of course, with so much dining going on, Johnson needed to get in some cardio and where else but a football field?

Johnson Tweeted that he was staying adjacent to the University of Texas and asked to link up with some football players who might be in town so that he could “route their DB’s up to get a little cardio in.”

He, of course, asked in the above tweet if this was allowed. He knows better. Nobody wants those alphabet boys (NCAA) knocking on Tom Herman’s door because Longhorns players were hanging with Johnson.

Luckily, Mr. Cinco might be in luck. Coincidentally, Sam Ehlinger has been active on social media this past week and QB1 wasted no time offering his services.

So, if you’re a server who works in downtown Austin, I hope you see Johnson posted up in the corner booth in your section.

If you’re just a regular old Austin resident or a current UT student, I hope you know Ryan R or Jennifer A. Now would be a good time to remind them about that money they owe you.