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Baker Mayfield isn’t a fan of Sam Ehlinger or the ‘Texas is back’ talk

The Cleveland Browns quarterback can’t move past the Texas Longhorns.

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Georgia vs Texas Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Current Cleveland Browns and former Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield is clearly not content to simply alienate teammates by commenting on their contracts, as he took a few shots at the Texas Longhorns and quarterback Sam Ehlinger on a local radio show.

On a Norman, Oklahoma radio broadcast unrelated to both the state of Texas and University of Texas, the hosts prompted Mayfield to comment on whether or not Texas was back. Mayfield expressed his displeasure at the commentary about his college rival.

“They said that about Notre Dame a couple years ago…I’m sick of that crap,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield, who is a paid, professional athlete, also took the questions as an opportunity to take a shot at an amateur athlete. Mayfield provided particularly astute commentary, hinting that Ehlinger may not be as developed as two Super Bowl MVPs.

‘“He couldn’t even beat Lake Travis, so I don’t really care. His opinion on anything winning [doesn’t matter],” Mayfield said. “You know, Westlake’s a great program, but the two best quarterbacks to come out of there are Drew Brees and Nick Foles. Sam can stay down there in Texas.”

While the Longhorns may still occupy a chunk of real estate in Mayfield’s head, in spite of his status as a professional athlete, the Longhorns will take to the field to prove whether or not Mayfield’s commentary has any validity.

Last season, the Longhorns split with Mayfield’s beloved Sooners, taking home the Golden Hat before falling in the Big 12 Championship.