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Texas QB commit Hudson Card named Elite 11 participant with ‘Best Zip’

Despite the slight frame of the Lake Travis gunslinger, he can, well, sling it.

Hudson Card
Joe Hamilton

At the most important national event for high school quarterbacks, Texas Longhorns commit and Lake Travis product Hudson was a standout, finishing among the top passers at the event and impressing observers.

Here’s the take from Charles Power of 247Sports after watching Card at the Elite 11 and The Opening Finals and declaring him as having the “Best Zip”:

There’s no question Card’s zip was a pleasant surprise throughout the week. On the first day, Card was the best in a drill where the quarterback was asked to make a far hash throw without stepping or loading. The velocity of his throws also stood out in other drills and throughout 7-on-7 play. That crossed over to some of the measurements taken by the Elite 11 staff, as Card registered the highest max velocity of the competitors, despite weighing the least at 176 pounds.

When considering this particular superlative, remember that while participating in Elite 11 isn’t a guarantee to become a successful quarterback, it has a good track record of inviting the players who go on to significant future accomplishments.

And, as Power noted, Card did it while playing at the lightest weight of all participants. So continued work on his mechanics — last season was Card’s first as a full-time starter at quarterback in high school — and continued efforts in the weight room should result in a further increase in velocity.

That velocity matters to make those throws to the opposite sideline, to fit balls into small windows, and to make up for any mechanical platform deficiencies or off-platform throws forced by pressure. It matters for cutting through wind or rain and demonstrates pure arm talent and solid, repeatable mechanics.

As the inconsistency of Josh Allen demonstrates, pure arm talent and velocity can’t completely make up for bad habits and a general inability to repeat the right throwing motion. But it can help overcome poor combinations of traits like below average arm strength and well above average confidence, as displayed by a certain past Texas quarterback who was the younger brother of another Longhorns quarterback.

In those regards, Card’s throws were truly superlative — look at the placement and tight spin, the attributes that quarterbacks can unlock by marrying natural ability with strong mechanics.

Here’s the assessment of Burnt Orange Nation’s Joe Hamilton:

Card displayed his ability to make those next-level throws and stand out among some of the best gunslingers in the country. The Lake Travis signal caller had poise and enough patience to go through his progressions to make the right reads and necessary passes to put his team in position to win during the 7v7 portion of The Opening/Elite 11 competition. When it comes to athletic ability, that’s never been a shortcoming as far as his game goes; if Card wanted to compete as a wide receiver, he’d be a hot commodity on the recruiting trail. How effective will he be as a passer at the collegiate level? Although there was no legitimate pressure in Card’s face, he was still forced to get rid of the ball within a four second time limit before the play was called a sack. He got the ball out quickly and efficiently for the most part. Card was also outstanding in anticipating throws, looking off safeties and linebackers to allow some of his wideouts to get open and connected with them time after time. The touch on a great deal of throws and precise ball placement on deep balls and on the boundary is where we got see Card at his best. When he wasn’t throwing passes, Card took a lot of time out to soak up some knowledge from many of the coaches that were on hand. He showed good leadership qualities and that he was truly a team player. He also went down to congratulate his team’s quarterbacks and receivers every time they scored when he wasn’t in the game. Card definitely lived up to his rankings and gave Horns fans something to look forward to in the future.

Texas got a good one.