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WATCH: Texas players getting hypnotized is the funniest thing you’ll watch today

Jonathan Yeiger, the HypnoMeister, was at the top of his craft earlier this week.

Preseason camp isn’t all about being serious and preparing for the 2019 campaign for the Texas Longhorns, as head coach Tom Herman and his staff invited hypnotist Jonathan Yeiger in to entertain the team this week.

The results were much more amusing than expected:

The best parts?

The reaction of redshirt freshman defensive lineman Daniel Carson to Yeiger putting sophomore safety DeMarvion Overshown to sleep with one word and his touch.

He had the hypnotized players drive, then played a siren to pull them over. Why was one speeding? “I have practice.” Well said. And judging by the reaction of senior center Zach Shackelford and senior wide receiver Collin Johnson next to him, that exact scenario happened to the big pass catcher.

Perhaps the absolute highlight though was Yeiger telling freshman running back Jordan Whittington that “Thank you” is now the worst word he’s ever heard. Here’s the first reaction from Whittington:

Good times.