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WATCH: Texas awards scholarships to LBs Cort Jacquess and Russell Hine

The walk ons received a big surprise during a team meeting on Wednesday.

Russell Hine and Cort Jacquess embrace after becoming scholarship athletes at the University of Texas.

There are two new scholarship athletes for the Texas Longhorns, as sophomore linebackers Cort Jacquess and Russell Hine found out the good news during a team meeting on Wednesday.

Both players are entering their third seasons in the program.

Jacquess played in nine games on special teams last season as a redshirt freshman while majoring in business and earning two selections to the Big 12 Commission’s Honor Roll in the classroom.

As is often the case for walk ons, Jacquess is a Longhorns legacy — his father, Jay, earned three letters at Texas playing defensive end in the 1980s. Jacquess played football and baseball at San Antonio Churchill before coming to Austin.

After receiving his scholarship, Jacquess said that he’s been striving to become a scholarship football player for the Horns like his father.

“That’s all I wanted,” he said. “This means so much to me right now and I thank every single one of y’all for encouraging me and helping me through this whole process. Thank y’all so much. Thank y’all.”

An Austin Regents School graduate, Hine is majoring in biochemistry and premed and has also made two appearances on the Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll. He’s chasing his first playing time for the Horns this season.

“Growing up in Austin, my whole entire life, I always wanted to come to Texas,” Hine said. “The only school I wanted to play football for was Texas — make a difference, do our job, make our families proud. It’s amazing being here tonight, man. I can’t believe it. Thank all y’all — my family, my teammates, Coach Herman. I love all y’all.”