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LOOK: Texas to wear No. 32 decal to honor Cedric Benson

A fitting tribute for a Longhorn legend.

Texas athletics

The Texas Longhorns will honor the life and legacy of Longhorn Legend Cedric Benson every game this season.

Benson will have his No. 32 emblazoned on the back of the helmets of each Texas player, inside of a black circle.

Chances are, due to the celebration of 150 years of college football taking place, the Longhorns didn’t have much room to place a patch in honor of Benson on their jerseys. In addition to the Big 12 Conference patch, Texas will wear a “150” patch, celebrating the 150th year.

The gesture is not an uncommon one across all sports. Teams often don some form of a black stripe, or commemorative patch, to honor a fallen member of a program, university or organization.

And so Benson’s famed No. 32 will appear right next to each player’s number decals on each helmet.

For senior defensive end Malcolm Roach, the season is particularly important — he and junior running back Daniel Young are the two current Longhorns who wear No. 32.

“It really didn’t hit me until we got our jerseys in the locker a few days ago,” Roach said on Tuesday. “I think that’s the day the accident happened, so just seeing that jersey and seeing 32 all over the TV, knowing he’s a Longhorn legend and a country-wide legend, just being able to wear that number and have something in common is big.”