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Come join the inaugural Burnt Orange Nation NCAA Pick ‘Em

Prove your superior college football fandom by outsmarting strangers on the internet.

College football season, like Texas football, is back, y’all. And just because we’re all about to kick off the most anticipated season of Texas football in the past decade doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun watching the rest of the NCAA fight for second place.

Thus, we Introduce the brand new inaugural season of the Burnt Orange Nation College Pick ‘Em group!

Here is the link to join the group. You’ll need an ESPN account to play, if you don’t already have one.

Playing is simple — all you need to do is pick the winner of each of the listed college football games for that week, and then rank those picks in order of confidence (10 being most confident). At the end of the week, you’ll get a total score from the confidence points of all the games you correctly picked.

You can make as many entries as you’d like to play and each entry is totally free, so what do you have to lose by playing? The winner of the group will receive the grand prize of becoming Burnt Orange Nation’s Unofficial College Football Expert — now that’s something you can’t find in stores.

Remember, if you’re going to play, the first games in this week’s list kick off this Saturday at 12:00 PM CST, so get those picks in and make sure they’re sorted on confidence.

Good luck and Hook ‘Em!