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Flareups continue in A/C Gate and over harassing phone calls made by LSU fans

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Why stop at sending a death threat to a Texas coach when you can make racist comments to Tom Herman’s wife, too?

NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

AUSTIN, Texas — The calls just kept coming.

It’s been nearly five full days since the LSU Tigers beat the Texas Longhorns in Austin, but the fallout from the harassing phone calls made by Tigers fans to Longhorns coaches and players continues.

First it was harassing junior quarterback Sam Ehlinger, deluging him with text messages and phone calls, eventually forcing him to turn off his phone and then get a new number, he revealed after the game.

All Ehlinger could do was make light about it, Yahoo! Sports reported:

Ehlinger joked in the offensive staff room that he could picture a caller, who’d made multiple crude references to a tiger’s anatomy, sitting on his couch with “three teeth and a bottle of whiskey.”

Then it was the coaches. Head coach Tom Herman said that he had to get a new phone number, too, after a list with the phone numbers for members of the Longhorns coaching staff was released.

Strength and conditioning coach Yancy McKnight received a phone call that included threatening to hang his family and slit their throats.

Other calls featured racist or homophobic remarks, including those directed at Herman’s wife, Michelle, who decided to answer phone calls in Spanish (language warning):

Tempers have continued to flare between the two fanbases after LSU fans have spent the week complaining about the visiting seats for fans and the band and the now-debunked claims from Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron that the visiting locker room didn’t have air conditioning.

Orgeron even tried to bring Louisiana Tech into the drama, saying that he received a warning about a lack of air conditioning in the Texas visitor’s locker room, but Bulldogs head coach Skip Holtz and the Louisiana Tech athletics director both denied calling LSU about a lack of air conditioning.

And an internal report from Texas obtained by Horns247 confirmed that the air conditioning in the visitor’s locker room was working and between 68 and 74 degrees.

Suffice it to say that as heated as things got before, during, and after last weekend’s game, next year’s meeting in Baton Rouge will likely take things up a few degrees.