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The Longhorn Republic looks at the rest of the season

How will key contributors for Texas finish out 2019 and what does that mean for the rest of the season?

Oklahoma State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Texas Longhorns are 3-1 during their bye week and have a long eight-week stretch of Big 12 play ahead of them. With one-third of the season behind them, we have some idea of what the Longhorns could look like for the rest of the year, so what does that look like?

How special can Sam Ehlinger’s season be? Can Devin Duvernay keep a hot season alive? Who will lead the defense as Texas closes the year? We debut a new segment to answer these questions and more.

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Intro and Outro: Earth, Wind, Fire (Ryan Little / CC BY-SA 4.0 )