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The Longhorn Republic gets excited about LSU

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With a marquee matchup on the horizon, how do the Longhorns stack up against the Bayou Bengals?

Louisiana Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The big matchup is here, the Texas Longhorns are ready to square off against the LSU Tigers in a contest that will prove for both teams their standing among the elite programs in the country.

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is coming off of an incredible performance, piloting the Tigers’ offense to a huge 55-0 win over Georgia Southern. The Longhorns have a gunslinger of their own, Sam Ehlinger, who for the first time as a starter got to sit out the fourth quarter after building a 38-0 lead.

How do the two teams match up and what can Texas do to come out of Saturday with a win?

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Intro and Outro: Earth, Wind, Fire (Ryan Little / CC BY-SA 4.0 )