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The latest shot towards Sam Ehlinger has come as direct messages from LSU fans

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Texting and driving? As LSU fans make their way to Austin, Sam Ehlinger’s phone has been buzzing and ringing like crazy.

Louisiana Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The latest offensive towards Texas starting quarterback Sam Ehlinger has now played out in a more direct (message) approach, if you will...

Earlier Friday afternoon, ESPN and College GameDay reporter Maria Taylor mentioned on the Paul Finebaum Show that LSU fans had somehow gotten hold of Ehlinger’s cell phone number and were barraging him with texts and phone calls.

...All of which, I’m sure, were along the lines of “Best of luck!” and “Respect, brother!”.

The cell phone stunt is the latest in what is becoming a CVS receipt-sized list of shots, criticisms, and troll-jobs being directed towards Ehlinger this year.

In June, former Oklahoma Sooner and current Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield took time out of his day to remind everyone of his displeasure for Sam Ehlinger while doing an interview on a radio station in Oklahoma.

Mayfield himself has actually also experienced his cell phone number circulating a fan base before.

Later in June, Louisiana Tech alum Terry Bradshaw chimed in saying that “[Ehlinger] ain’t that good” during a La Tech press conference. We know how that game went last Saturday...

And most recently, LSU defender K’Lavon Chaisson told reporters that he “doesn’t really find [Ehlinger] to be too much of a threat” prior to the Texas and LSU showdown in Austin this Saturday.

Which each shot, Ehlinger has continued to block out the noise and focus on the Longhorns’ own goals ahead.

As he did in the Sugar Bowl win over Georgia and the game last Saturday, Ehlinger will look to respond on the field with his teammates on Saturday.

For today, though, he’ll likely be blocking more than just “noise”, and he may want change his ringback tone to The Eyes of Texas for the near future.