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LOOK: Keondre Coburn responds to OU QB commit throwing horns down during announcement

Fun fact — the Sooners actually have their own hand sign.

There’s Only One Oklahoma.

That’s the official motto of the Oklahoma Sooners, with an accompanying hand sign — the index finger pointed upwards with the other four fingers clenched in a fist, but forgive any Texas Longhorns fans who don’t know that.

It’s extremely rare to see, after all.

Instead, Oklahoma players and particularly recruits like to throw the horns down, even during the most significant public moments of their entire life, just like Highland Park quarterback Chandler Morris did on Thursday evening while announcing his commitment to the Sooners on national television during the 2020 Under Armour All-American game.

With the self-imposed Twitter embargo lifted on the Longhorns players, defensive tackle Keondre Coburn took notice of the horns down from the son of Auburn offensive coordinator Chad Morris. The elder Morris is a Texas A&M alum.

At Texas, OU Hate Week only happens for the days preceding the early October Saturday in the Cotton Bowl. For Oklahoma, well, the hatred of Texas is always front and center.