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4-star OL Donovan Jackson commits to Ohio State

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The Buckeyes reached dipped back into Texas to land another elite talent in Donovan Jackson.

SB Nation: Joe Hamilton

Bellaire Episcopal has had some elite prospects come out of their program over the past several years and each of them have opted to play their collegiate ball outside of the state. Walker Little (Stanford), Marvin Wilson ( Florida State), and Jaylen Waddle (Alabama) were all blue talents and each will likely cash NFL pay checks in the near future.

The latest elite talent to come through Episcopal is offensive lineman Donovan Jackson and just like the others Texas was on him hard trying to keep him home, but just like the rest Jackson opted to head out of state.

Earlier today Jackson announced his commitment to Ohio State over likes of Georgia, Texas, and Stanford.

Jackson opting for the Buckeyes over the in-state Longhorns is a sturdy body blow landed by head coach Ryan Day and company as they continue to show they are able to reach into Texas and land elite talent. Texas was in good standing for much of this recruitment and seemed to be picking up some steam at the latter part of the summer, but as things soured during the season that momentum shifted towards the Buckeyes as they made another playoff run and were able to secure Jackson’s commitment.

Another thing to keep in mind that went a long way with Jackson is the fact that his parents and family is from the state of Ohio, so there was already a lot of familiarity for him with the program. When you combine those data points with the fact that the Buckeyes are operating at a high level and churning out NFL talent, then you have yourself a tough pitch to turn down.

Jackson was one of the best offensive linemen I witnessed at The Opening this past summer, as he put on a dominating performance as an underclassmen against elite talent. He showed that he possessed the strength, athleticism, and versatility to possibly be a swing player on the offensive line at the next level and that he was not only one of the best in the state, but one of the best in the country. Jackson was steady and consistent at both guard and tackle during 1-on-1s, and he put the clamps on everyone he lined up across. By the time he exited The Star his stock was through the roof and everyone was talking about his performance.

You can’t replace a player of Jackson’s caliber, but fortunately for the Longhorns it is still early in the process and the 2021 class is as deep as the state has ever seen in the trenches. I know Longhorn fans are probably fed up seeing great players leave the state to star for other programs, but this is something that will continue to happen until the on field product improves and becomes consistent again.