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Bevo’s Daily Roundup: Texas HC Tom Herman has a lot to say about the Urban Meyer rumors

Plus: Texas women’s basketball flexes its No. 4 recruiting class

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas Austin American Statesman-USA TODAY NETWORK

Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman has a lot to say about the rumors swirling around that his former mentor and legendary college coach Urban Meyer might replace him.

He had a lot to say. A lot, per 247Sports: “I’m concerned about our players, I’m concerned about this program, I’m concerned about beating Kansas, I’m concerned about all of our goals still being in front of us. But to directly answer your question, I do think with the players it’s really easy. These guys, they’ve seen it all, done at all. It’s almost comical at times to them because they know the truth. The biggest mitigating factor in this is there’s a section of people, which is our program, our coaches — the people intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of our enterprise, if you will — that know the truth. And then there’s rumors. And there’s unnamed sources, there’s internet reporters with agendas that claim their own opinion as fact and hide behind unnamed sources and things of that nature. The player part is really easy, almost comical to the point where sometimes a kid will come up to me and say, ‘Coach, you’ll never guess what lunacy just came across my feed. This is crazy, right?’ The recruiting part is a different story because when you have the things that have been written about us in our program, myself and our future — very unfounded articles that state, again, opinion as fact, that state unnamed sources as being factual, it’s very hard to defend against. If I’m a competing recruiter, what do you do? You press ‘print’ and you say, ‘Look, this is true! It must be true! It’s on It must be true! Or it was written by this guy, so it must be true! Or this source said this, so it must be true! That is really, really the hard part in recruiting is because these 16-year-old kids are very impressionable. Unfortunately, when negativity gets written — especially unfounded, rumor-based, unnamed source-based negativity gets written — then it makes our competing recruiter’s jobs just so much more easy. They just press ‘print’ and say, ‘Here you go.’ As far as the reality is concerned, we understand that we have the support of hundreds of thousands, tons of our fan base and we certainly appreciate that. We understand the difference between vocal minorities and people who make decisions and their beliefs. I couldn’t be more aligned with our athletic director [Chris Del Conte], my boss, again, who we meet with constantly, who has assured me of his support and the support of university leadership and has even commended me and the staff and program for how we have handled the craziest year in college football history. [Del Conte has] even offered if a recruit wants to talk to him to give that recruit his number. But yeah, it does get difficult. It gets exhausting more than anything to have to extinguish all of these unfounded, baseless claims that are hidden behind unnamed sources and agendas. I don’t know why it’s more here at Texas than other places, but it is and it’s something that we deal with on a daily basis. I couldn’t be happier with our staff, couldn’t be happier with that locker room and the players in it. We were brought here to build something with the ability to have [a] sustained level of success and we are very, very happy and proud of our trajectory and getting that job done here for years and years to come. And as has been told to me, so is the leadership at this university.”


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Longhorn Confidential

The Statesman guys break down Tom Herman's responses to questions about his job security on this week's podcast.

Posted by BevoBeat from on Monday, November 16, 2020
  • As if Texas women’s basketball’s No. 4 recruiting class enough, say hello to Australian point guard Kobe King-Hawea, the nation’s No. 1 junior college prospect who’s joining the squad.