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Texas school officials invite fans to share their experience with ‘The Eyes of Texas’ in survey

West Virginia v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

“The Eyes of Texas” controversy isn’t going away, despite the heated rhetoric currently ongoing between those who favor the song and those who say it has racially-charged origins.

Texas Longhorns officials aren’t entirely sure what to do next. They may say they do by installing a committee to review the song in its entirety, but let’s be real – it’s uncharted territory for them, too. That’s why they’re looking to fans to chip in and share their experience with school song in a new online survey, which you can find here, for starters.

“As part of our efforts to examine the impact of UT’s school song across the university community and beyond, we would like to hear about your experience with The Eyes of Texas (include personal stories or experiences with the song, important or memorable times the song was sung, times you experienced it, or any other experiences you or other family members have had with it over the generations). Please share it below, via writing, photo, or video,” the top of the survey reads.

Click on the link to do just that.