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With sports canceled, Texas football fans are entertaining themselves on Reddit

They’re playing a game like Risk – but instead of countries, you have FBS football programs

Valero Alamo Bowl - Utah v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Texas Longhorns fans, as well as the entire sports universe, is bored. That’s what happens when a deadly pandemic sweeps the nation, cancelling sports schedules in its path.

That’s also why some college football fans are taking to Reddit to play a game (sort of) like Risk, a board game in which each player takes turns starting their own controllable army in attempt to capture territories from other players and eventually control the entire map.

In other words, it’s sort of like college football recruiting. Sort of.

A link to the subreddit on the game is available here.

A link to the subreddit for Texas fans is available here. (Notably, it’s a private group because Texas A&M Aggies fans have attempted to sneak in as spies, the redditors said in an email.)

Lastly, a link to where you can play the game is available here.