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Take a look at the digital mockup for Texas’ new $200 million South End Zone, facilities

Coming to a Forty Acres near you in 2021

Texas Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Texas Longhorns alum and Forty Acres icon Matthew McConaughey is stoked for the tweaks made to the gameday experience for fans, according to an interview with 247Sports: “Now you can say that, but saying that and doing that are two different things. The gameday experience — one thing he did that I really liked was early on, the gameday experience at DKR for a while back had too many mixed messages ... there’s one color, burnt orange, and that needs to bleed. That’s the baseline that needs to bleed through this stadium the entire day, entire week and entire year. Nothing else. We’re not for rent,” the actor told 247Sports.

It’s time for you to get stoked, too, because DKR is about to get a brand new $200 million South End Zone and football facilities next year. Check out this mockup for the time being.