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Bevo’s Daily Roundup: ESPN analyst responds to Tom Herman’s take on racial disparities

Plus: Lamarcus Aldridge is out for the 2019-2020 season

Texas Spring Game Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Where Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman stands on the racial disparities across our deeply divided country was solidified earlier this week during a talk with the Austin American-Statesman. If fans have no problem with whooping and hollering in support of their favorite players on the field, then according to that logic, they should support those same players off the field as well, Herman argued. They are, after all, as human as the fan.

“We’re gonna cheer when they score touchdowns, and we’re gonna hug our buddy when they get sacks or an interception. But we gonna let them date our daughter? Are we going to hire them in a position of power in our company? That’s the question I have for America. You can’t have it both ways,” Herman told the Austin American-Statesman. “And if you’re going to cheer them and love them for three-and-a-half hours a Saturday in the fall, you better have the same feelings for them off the field, because they’re human beings.”

Indeed. ESPN analyst Jay Bilas responded to Herman’s comments Monday morning on the show Get Up!, adding, according to a report in 247Sports, “I think Tom Herman said all the right things there. But the issue is we need to take action collectively and individually against systemic racism in our society,” Bilas said. “It is not just the people you cheer for or those you don’t cheer for. It is much, much bigger than that, I believe. We’re talking about support for athletes. Largely what these universities view as support for athletes is money.”

“They look at their supporters as people who give money, who buy tickets, who pay all that money in order to have the right to buy tickets,” Bilas continued. “When the teams do well and the players win, they’re largely supported. When the teams lose, they aren’t supported. If you cheer for them, then you’ve got to take this stance. It’s way bigger than that.”

Like Bilas said, it’s way bigger than that.


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  • We’re a little bit closer to setting a preseason practice schedule for Texas football, Sports Illustrated reports. From SI: “The governing body is currently circulating a proposal that could have coaches interacting with their players by the first week of July and potentially conducting walk-through practices approximately two weeks later. The current plan would have the season starting on its scheduled date with no delays to the beginning of play. It appears to be close to becoming a reality. ‘We’re 90 percent there,’ Shane Lyons, the West Virginia athletic director and chair of the Oversight Committee, [said on] Monday.”
  • Former Texas basketball standout Lamarcus Aldridge will miss the remainder of the 2019-2020 NBA season, the San Antonio Spurs announced on Monday. More in the tweet below.