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Texas releases statements on Big 12 continuing fall sports

Head coach Tom Herman, quarterback Sam Ehlinger, and safety Caden Sterns all shared their thoughts on the conference’s decision.

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On Wednesday, the Texas Longhorns were back practicing at Frank Denius Fields after the Big 12 decided to move ahead with fall sports after days of speculations and hours of meetings on Tuesday evening.

During the afternoon, the school shared statements about the decision from head coach Tom Herman, senior quarterback Sam Ehlinger, and junior safety Caden Sterns.

Tom Herman

On the Big 12’s announcement to continue fall sports:

“I had been very hopeful that the Big 12 would come to this decision. Chris Del Conte has been awesome, he kept me informed throughout the entire process so it didn’t come as a surprise. Our guys are really excited. We understand all of the health and safety challenges and appreciate everything our medical team is doing here, but probably the worst thing about all of this has been the uncertainty. It has been very hard on our players mentally, and they’ve done a great job fighting through it. When the conference comes out and says, ‘We’re committed to finding every way possible that we can play this season,’ I think that gives them a lot of pride, and it gives them a lot of confidence that, if they come out here and do what they’re supposed to do, they’re going to get to play this great game that they love.”

Sam Ehlinger

On the Big 12 continuing fall sports and involving student-athletes in the discussion:

“We’re very happy that the Big 12 is following the medical advice that has been presented to them. We’re grateful for the opportunity to continue to practice and develop, and we hope that they continue to listen to our medical professionals and the guidance that they’re given. It’s been incredible to be involved in the process. I know we’re all extremely grateful that the Big 12 has included a group of players representing every school to give their input and feedback and also allow us to hear what’s going into the decision-making process.”

Caden Sterns

On the Big 12 continuing fall sports and involving student-athletes in the discussion:

“I think it’s great that the Big 12 is continuing with fall sports right now. Obviously, we as players want to play as long as it’s safe for us. It’s been good that the Big 12 has allowed us to be involved in the process, because there is obviously a lot of uncertainty. And for us to get some sort of an answer, that helps ease our minds. We want to play, so to have that schedule, and to see the structure of what it’s going to look like, is relieving for us as players. And, that allows Sam and I to have the opportunity to share all of that information with our entire team.”