Let's Modify Our Post-Loss Bitching

My favorite-ever obfuscating explanation now applies directly to Texas Football from 2010 - present.

Spoken by one of my favorite I-love-hating-this-guy, Donnie Rummy: "There are known knowns, things we know that we know; and there are known unknowns, things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns, things we do not know we don’t know.’

Offensively, going into Baylor, the Known Knowns for Texas are:

1. Texas will have a dual-threat QB with an injured hand— in a passing offense—
2. who is being coached to run only as a last resort. (So, isn’t that a ‘Zero-threat’ QB?)
5. All this without an effective TE to either catch or block.
6. Texas will have a weak offensive line
7. that can barely run-block and
8. can only execute ‘watchout!’ blocks in pass protection.
9. Texas will still have WRs who cannot separate’ or, just as bad,
10. cannot make a tough play when needed (OU’s long ‘hail mary’ TD catch).

Regardless, given all those common knowledge, more Texas known knowns are

11. Texas has a defensive line that cannot stop the run
12. or create a pass rush to hurry the QB;
13. smallish, slowish LBs who cannot read cues or
14. can shed their blocks and pursue effectively while the
15. DBs are 5 yards off their coverage allowing quick passes; (unlike other team’s vs Texas WRs)
16. and are just as likey to miss tackles because of reluctance to wrap up opposing ball carriers.

The known unknowns are the results of a particular play we could've predicted the outcome of because of the known knowns: e.g; recognizing a run for a 3 yard loss or a QB sack is the direct result of Texas weak O-line.

What is fun about Texas, these years, is how after almost every loss the ‘unknown unknowns’ magically appear as explanations for the latest Texas loss. 'Geez, I didn't know we were that slow on the D-line!'

Now it becomes a known known.

I guess what I'm saying is that we, collectively, cannot continue to bitch about all the same ole, same ole 'known known' weaknesses rampant in Texas football.

Why? because we know them and shouldn't be surprised after 10+ years.

I ask we only bitch about the 'this-week's-newly exposed,' yet heretofore unknown unknowns.

I will.

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