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Winning is Hard Podcast: PK’s scheme and breaking down Baylor

Plus, Wescott shares how he feels about Waco and Baylor. Warning, he won’t be leaving any good reviews on Google.

Brigham Young v Baylor Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tomorrow is GameDay and that means Wescott Eberts and Cameron Parker have another “Winning is Hard” podcast for y’all.

Friday’s edition opens up with talk on Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski’s scheme, how it has fared so far this season, and how will it hold up against the Baylor Bears offense.

Wescott shares his level of concern with the Texas rushing defense (5:00) and if they can stop Baylor’s “Thunder and Lightning” rushing attack.

Cameron speaks on Gerry Bohanon’s underrated season (8:00) and the gang talks a little about Baylor’s offensive line, Texas’s offensive line, and the tough battles in the next two weeks for the Longhorns.

Plus, ways Sark can get creative offensively (19:00) and how to prepare for Baylor’s disruptive defensive line (22:00). Finally, we close with a Baylor play-maker that can change the game on Saturday.

As always, thanks for listening and Wescott has agreed to spend his next vacation in Waco if you subscribe to the podcast! Wait a second — my account has been deactivated. Hello?