Rivals and the SEC…

So, I got in a discussion with someone about rivalries and the SEC move, and yeah, it’s still a ways off, but the question came up: who should Texas play during Rivalry Week/Thanksgiving/the day after/the weekend after… once we’ve moved to the SEC?

Historically Texas and Texas A&M swapped off hosting either on Thanksgiving or the Friday after. After the Aggies left the conference, they eventually landed with the LSU game and Texas tried a weird thing where we’d host every year for that game and swap between Tech and TCU (presumably since neither Tech nor TCU fans would be used to being on campus that Thursday or Friday). The problem was, even Texas fans weren’t used to having to be in Austin every year. Every other year worked great where you could balance other holiday obligations on the away years if you weren’t traveling for the game.

Anyway, I’m not sure whether A&M or LSU will want to give up their game? LSU obviously didn’t feel strongly about rivalry week vs Arkansas. So the question is, who should Texas try to play? Just curious.

Options seem to include…

Texas A&M (which might not be as easy as it seems)

LSU (which would just piss off the Aggies if it happened)

Arkansas (which, of course, historically was a big rivalry, but I always feel like Texas forgets that and we play them badly, even in years we beat them)

Oklahoma (which would avoid us trying to break up any current rivalry week games, but also, the state fair isn’t going on in December so it would majorly change that tradition)

or some other in-state, non-conference rival the way Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky do it. Seems like that would end up being Tech, TCU, or Baylor…?

I’m sure it’s not the first thing for us to be worrying about right now, but I’m curious what other fans think since there’s not a clear answer that is guaranteed to work.

Also, it’s 10:35pm and 0u still sucks…!

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