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Winning is Hard Podcast: Texas hoops, Gonzaga, and Bo Davis

Plus, a few words about Kansas.

NCAA Basketball: Houston Baptist at Texas Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday edition of the Winning is Hard podcast for your enjoyment before Texas Longhorns football hosts the Kansas Jayhawks and Texas basketball takes on the No. 1 Gonzaga Bulldogs.

Wescott Eberts and Cameron Parker start with their thoughts on the Longhorns season-opening victory over Houston Baptist. Wescott shares his concerns on the Horns rebounding ability and lack of big men with Dylan Disu still out with an injury.

We also dive in on Tre Mitchell’s strong start offensively, but are there questions about his defense?

Then we get into Texas football talk (13:00), starting off with a few more thoughts on the Bo Davis video and how it has brought current and past Texas players together. Plus, a few thoughts on Kansas and how Pete Kwiatkowski has shaken up the defensive rotation, and might we see a few new names on Saturday?

Finally, if Texas wins out, does that change Wescott’s thoughts about the season?