Wheemers Explains

Yep, I got it wrong, and I pulled it down.

What I didn’t understand and know one really understood is how thoroughly entitled, broken, and ridiculous the football culture at Texas had become. This place has become horrible. These men are good coaches with good systems, terrific experience, trying to coach a team with far too many know it all, self serving, and immature players. This is a team that was divided last year. It is still divided.

It’s going to need a new group of hard hat, high end, stout football players who actually will do what it takes to win. These lines are some of the worst that I have ever seen.

But it started the last two years. The lines have gotten worse. We can’t get a push off the ball. We can’t get consistent pressure. But I believe in Sark’s process. I believe in the coaching staff. These guys know how to win, how to recruit, and how to coach. But dealing with a team that is this mentally weak is a nightmare for a coach. They are basically soft. They have been exposed and no one fears them. Hudson isn’t ready, and Casey has a terrible streaks in which he refuses to take the easy play. His inconsistency on the easy stuff isn’t helping anything. I saw a pass in the Kansas game that was so easy a fifth grader Pewee QB could make the throw - and Casey couldn’t the ball out accurately.

I want this team to be wrecked. It needs a wrecking ball. And then it needs to be built back to win football games the tough way. At the line of scrimmage. Once that happens, everything else will take care of itself.

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