Players Paying Players?


We all know that college sports has had money moving under the table for decades. The new NIL laws were enacted, like them or not, to help protect players names, images and likenesses, give them a little piece of the pie that previously filtered up to the universities, NCAA and media companies, and possibly to help prevent some of the shady stuff. Or so they hope. We'll see.

However, it made me wonder, with all of this new money for some of these players, several players are already sitting on 7-8 figures, would there be any incentive for a player to go under the table and try to coax better recruiting classes for their time at a school? Granted, I'm not even sure if a player couldn't start up a business and find a way to pay players in the open through NIL, though it is doubtful. But all it would take is one really unselfish (but actually selfish) player to start greasing the skids.

Please know, I'm not at a place right now where I'm giving an opinion for or against the idea. I just haven't yet heard anyone else consider it and wanted to see what our faithful friends at BON had to say.

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