Bitch-Session. Ready... Set... Go...:

"I'm tired of:

1. Alabama football. I lived in and like Alabama, but this Bull-shit, rigged- playoff system just makes me want to spit up. It is no fun, anymore. Except for 'Bama fans. (S'not like they aren't good, right?)

2. So what if Georgia ends up beating Alabama next week. It will just morph the system more to the benefit of the top 6 or 7 teams already setting up monopolies. (Now Michigan and Cincinnati loom sexy in the playoff wings, ready to reap recruiting successes of other playoff few).

3. I'm tired of Georgia beating everyone but Alabama-- when it counts. Bet they are, too.

4. I'm really tired of teams like Cincinnati-- with zero Top-50 ranked recruiting classes the last 5 years-- out performing Texas-- the storied, money-flush, B12 also-ran, legendary program, tied for 16th.

5. Blow out playoff games.

6. Having to say, "Happy New Year," every 12 months. WTF?

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