It Feels So Good To Be Wrong! Texas Wins! No Kool Aid Yet!


Sorry y'all, we've been burned by Texas too many times to overthink the Horns win today. Of course, we're happy! It was a good day to open the season with a win. But it doesn't change my season outlook, yet. I have to see it to believe it. Today was a good start. Texas floor is still 8-4 but more likely 9-3 and their ceiling is still 10-2.

Yes, it was a good day. Card played clean, managed the game well and didn't make any major mistakes. Bijan was, well, Bihan, JWitt showed out and the Texas D met their goal. But what did we learn about Texas?

Texas played a solid team in Louisiana today. Louisiana returned a ton of talent, only lost 1 game last year, and pounded the ISU team that beat Teas last year. And let's not forget, Billy Napier is a good coach.

What went well?

Texas D had 4 sacks and met their goal of holding a team below 20 points. For me, that's a lofty goal and they met it much to my surprise! Additionally, Texas seemed to tackle much better then what we've seen in the past, with the exception of 1 particular drive where they let old habits take over. I'll assume that will improve as the season goes on. Props to the D! Granted, LaLa isn't a Big 12 team, so it's a different kind of spread then what we'll be facing against the Mike Gundy's and Matt Cambple's of the world. But I was really happy with the defense over all.

On offense, Bijan and Jwitt were both great and Hudson Card really played well for a first start. He didn't force anything and had a handful of throws that were really sharp and had to be perfectly timed.

What needs improvement?

The good news here is, I didn't say "what went wrong." Texas played fairly well and managed a good first game with so many new variables like, new scheme, new coaches, and a new starting quarterback. Over all, though, i'd say that the Texas O line is going to have the most work. Card was sacked 3 times and hurried quite a few more. And I didn't get the feeling that he was sacked for holding the ball too long, hesitating or anything like that. The O Line simply had to fight through this one. Plus, Ungilou (sp?) went down and I don't know what his future will hold for the rest of the season.

Another improvement I'd like to see is the rest of the receiving corps. While Jwitt and Bijhan handled things well, we really need to see Casey spread the ball around more. And it just didn't seem like the rest of the receivers played up to what we need to see.

Finally, from a play calling perspective, I was really hoping to see more attempts for Bijan which I was hoping would open up some of those receivers we needed to see more of. In fact, I was kind of shocked we started the game with a pass and didn't give it to Bijan. It seemed to set the tone for the first drive that I personally believed Bijan should have set. But hey, it's just me and my armchair.

Over all, Texas played a solid game and didn't disappoint. We don't need to pour the kool aid just yet, but we can be proud that Texas didn't pull a Maryland this time around. Stay tuned for next weeks game prediction vs Arkansas.

Hook 'Em!

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