True story of A&M and Eric Dickerson's Trans Am

Eric has written a book, "Watch My Smoke: The Eric Dickerson Story" and in it he tells the story of his recruitment by A&M, tales of $50,000 turned down and of course the gold Trans AM.

I'll give the links here, to a Sports Illustrated story titled "Eric Dickerson Admits Origin of Legendary Gold Trans Am" and to an excerpt from the book published in D Magazine (D as in Dallas), and add some juicy quotes below to reach the minimum word count for a Fanpost.


Dickerson explains how he was under significant pressure to go to Texas A&M, even revealing that he received a suitcase filled with $50,000 allegedly from the institution to get him to commit there. He did not take the deals that came his way.


"And then, a few weeks later, I mentioned to my stepdad in passing that I really liked the new Pontiac Trans Am. I’d seen it at a dealership on I-10 that I used to drive by to visit my grandparents in Houston, and I just liked it: the bird on the hood, the fins on the side, how sleek it was.

"It was an innocent comment. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have remembered even saying it. But recruiting isn’t a normal circumstance, and before I knew it, I was talking to Shear, the big A&M booster in town.

"‘We can make that happen,’ he said."


I had my pick of a Corvette and three Trans Ams: black, silver, and gold. I liked the gold one.


But I wasn’t into A&M. First, I didn’t like their uniforms. That was a big factor for me as an 18-year-old who wanted to look cool. Second, the student body was about two-thirds male. When I visited, it seemed like there were no girls, just a bunch of dudes from the school’s Corps of Cadets in military uniforms. They didn’t even have cheerleaders


I had the Trans Am my first few years at SMU, before I sold it to my best friend and fellow SMU running back, Charles Drayton. Thanks to an SMU booster named George Owen, I was driving a Corvette by then.

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