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WATCH: Peyton Manning discusses Arch Manning’s commitment to Texas with Pat McAfee

Peyton Manning weighs in on his five-star nephew.

Isidore Newman v Hahnville High School Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

There are some perks that come along with winning a high profile recruitment like Arch Manning’s. One of those perks is that you have guaranteed yourself and your program to stay in the spotlight and headlines in various ways due to the fact that he is a Manning.

The Manning family is one of, if not the most prominent family in football. They are universally respected, so when they speak everyone is usually listening. While Arch hasn’t been one to really lean into media appearances and do interviews, that has not stopped his uncles from discussing him here and there when asked about him.

Last night during the Clemson and NC State game, Pat McAfee had Peyton Manning on during the broadcast and decided to pick Peyton’s brain on his nephew and the kind of player he is at this stage in his development.

I thought it was interesting (and funny) that Peyton brought up the mobility aspect of Arch’s game, because I feel like that is something that probably is undersold a bit about him as a player. When you think of quarterbacks from the Manning family tree you think more Peyton and Eli, who weren’t exactly very mobile. Meanwhile, you have Arch who has good functional athleticism and definitely seems to have acquired that trait from his grandfather Archie Manning.

The least surprising part of the video was Peyton discussing how Arch likes picking their brains and enjoys the cerebral side of the game. We all know there is an abundance of football knowledge in that family and that they are known for possessing high football IQs, and it certainly looks like Arch is going to follow in those foot steps as he makes the leap to the next level.