Women's Texas Basketball Vs UConn

I know All-American guard Rori Harmon didn't play, but yeesh this was ugly.

This is by far the slowest Texas team in maybe 2 decades. In terms of plain foot speed and lateral quickness.

BYU transfer Shaylee Gonzalez is super slow and can't guard anyone or handle the point. Too bad Aaliyah Matharu was treated like dirt and tranferred to Florida. Oregon St transfer Taylor Jones in slower than molasses and should never leave the paint. She has a great post game, but I wish Miami transfer Latasha Lattimore hadn't been treated like dirt and transferred.

They have zero on-ball defenders like Duke transfer Celeste Taylor, Georgia transfer Audrey Warren or graduate Joanne Taylor-Allen, or past Texas stud like Mystics all-star Ariel Atkins.

Freshman Ndjakalenga Mwenentanda looks promising.

Playing a center and 2 power forwards isn't going to cut it, against good teams. No spacing or room for dribble penetration.

The notion that this the 3rd best team in the country is pure nonsense. (Again, I know Rori Hamon didn't play or backup point Kyndall Hunter - she can't dribble either to be honest.)

The consecutive Elite 8's will come to an end. I predict Texas won't even make the Sweet Sixteen.

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